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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Marathon in Annapurna Base Camp

Marathon in Annapurna Region, 42 Km distance from Annapurna base camp to Ghandruk on 3 June, 2018 (2075 jestha)
First Position Purna Tamang take 4 hours, 16 minutes and 48 Second to complete.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Try Risksha Ride In Kathmandu

Risksha Ride in Kathmandu, you will have a different experience. Looking tuning with the cities in Kathmandu. Your first adventure in Kathmandu passing, crossing the street “ Be Careful”. City you want to feel the experience by the Risk ride through the Thamel.

Be different, feel different.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Limi Valley Adventure

One of the wilderness areas of Nepal, valley limited its surrounding from the border of the Himalayan pass Hilsa and Chang La between Tibet, China and Nepal. The land of few areas still the means of transportation mules, donkeys, horses are used.
Trekking in Limi Valley, commence your journey from Nepalgunj to Simikot by air, Simikot the administrative headquarters of Humla. Trekking in an ancient trading route of Nepal and Tibet, China with a glimpse of Mt. Kailash, Mt Saipal, Ghur-La Mana dala, Mt. Mendun.With the dense forest one can observe wold, wild yak, blue sheep, wild ass, hare, Himalayan back beer. Own dialect form of Tibetan descendants with their unique culture and traditions.
The panoramic view from Gyuckarka which lies at an altitude of 5000 meters able to see the  Saipal, Kanjirawa, Kanti, Gorakh, Rishi Himalayan range. Nepal Government has issues limited and special permit fees even today for avoiding the disturbance of ecosystem. The thrilling adventure in Limi Valley with your trekking shoes, one of the earth rare land. At least two traveler is most.

Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
Nepalgunj to Simikot and trek to Dharapuri
Dharapuri to Sally Khola
Sally Khola to Muchu
Muchu Khola to Yari
Yari to Hilsa
Hilsa to Manepeme
Manepeme to Til
Til to Halji
Halji to Jang
Jang to Rest day for acclimatization
Jang to Yak Kharka
Yak Kharka to Viewpoint
Trek to Talung
Talung Base camp pass
Talung to Shingungma
Shingungma to Dhinga Laga
Dhinga Laga to Simikot
Flight to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Horse Riding Competition In Annapurna

Horse Riding Competition is underway in upper Mustang. This adventurous sport was organized by local stakeholders, Nepal Tourism Board, National Trust for Nature Conservation, Annapurna Conservation Area

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Friday, February 16, 2018

Toni Kinshofer, German mountaineer

Born on this day, 1934.02.16; Toni Kinshofer, German mountaineer, who ascended Nanga Parbat in 1962.

In 1961, on an expedition led by Toni Hiebeler, he undertook the first winter ascent of the Eiger North Face with Walter Almberger and Anderl Mannhardt. At 27, Kinshofer was the senior climber of the team (Mannhardt the youngest at 21). Kinshofer did most of the leading throughout during their epic, six-day (March 6–12) climb. On June 23, 1962, Kinshofer was one of three climbers on the German team to reach the summit of Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, (via the very steep Diamir Face) for its second ascent, with Sigi Loew and Anderl Mannhardt. They had to bivy above 8,000 m on the way down. His climbing partner Loew fell to his death, and Mannhardt and Kinshofer had to have toes and/or feet amputated. The route is named the Kinshofer route and is still a major undertaking. Kinshofer died in a fall in the climbing area of Battert near Baden-Baden in the Black Forest in 1964, aged 30

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Equipments For Mountaineering In Nepal

Air Traffic Controller (ATC)


Figer Eight

Snow Bars
Ice Axe

Ice Crew


Ice Hammer


Fix Rope
Main Rope


Gas Stove

Oxygen Cylinder

Sleeping Bag

Cooking Pot


Water Bottle






Tape Sling Daisy chain


Rock Piktung
Down Jacket
Head Light
Safety Belt
Climbing Suit
Waterproof Trouser  

Tools use for descending (ATC, ATC guide, Rope, Reverso, Bily plate, Giri Giri) Bily device
Equipment used for Ascend (Jumer, Half Jumer, Half Jummer, Assistant rope-Auto

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pick Point Before Trekking In Nepal-Himalayas

Trekking route tea houses offer you nice accommodation even though there are no star hotels. The hotels/tea houses are more hygienic and awesome food.
In Kathmandu, there are many restaurants no worry but in the trekking region offers us Continental and Nepali items like Pasta, Pizza, Mo.Mo, soup items, Dal Bhat, Hot drinks Tea coffee etc
From starting the day we are with you from Pick up to departure date. Our professional staffs are well known about first aid kit, Oxygen bag and helicopter service for emergency rescue.

Best season to trek in mountaineering country Nepal; Autumn (September-November) and Spring (March-May). In the spring season, the weather is clear and offers you beautiful flowers, plants etc. Summer (June-August) and winter (December-February); offers you heavy monsoon rainfall so difficult to do the trek. But you can do a trek around Mustang, Dolpo, Nar Phu Valley because it is rain shadow areas. You can also do a trek in Tibet. Nowadays Annapurna and Everest are always comfortable to do trek even in winter season.

Trekking in Himalayas region is always been challenging with altitudes, rocky routes. The trekking in Everest route and Annapurna region offers you challenging route. Trekking in Langtang Gosainkunda trek does not need past experience. We suggest you take a proper acclimatization for better strength. We suggest you do certain training like running, skipping, cycling or workout it might you in trekking roots.

Altitude Sickness is another major issue you will face in the high Himalayas above 2500m.  Proper care, drinking plenty of water, keep pace with walking will prevent from altitude sickness. So while trekking, life-saving techniques acclimatization days added in itinerary during high altitude trekking, peak climbing.

We are a concern with environmental pollution, Global warming and it is serious problem. At the time of trekking or camping, we have created much garbage. We also collect the rubbish and deposit it to a proper place for keeping our environment better condition. Think about the beauty of Everest, global warming has a great impact on it.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Annapurna Sanctuary

Annapurna Base Camp an altitude of 4130 meters from sea level. Only 4 lodges are operated till now. It is surrounding by major mountains, Annapurna I, Tent Peak, Annapurna south. Below the tent peak, you can observe the glacier which is a source of Water for Modi Khola. Annapurna Sanctuary receives 7 hours of sunlight in summer. The basin which gets limited about of sunlight.

Above Annapurna Base Camp you can see glacier lake of Hiuchuli.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Poon Hill Trekking Highlight Photo

 Nayapul, getting ready for Trekking, our crew packing bags

Sign Pointing To Trekking Route 

Road Is Access Here, 

Food For Your Launch

Lodges On The Way

Trekking Route To Tikhedhunga

Lodges of Tikhedhunga

Suspension Bridge and Your Foots To Ulleri

Guide Map Along The Path

Ascending The Ulleri Steps And See Your Back 

Guide Map On The Way

Almost End Of Ulleri Steps

Local Carrying Log When Heading To Ghorepani

Gate of Ghorepani

View From Ghorepani

 Poon Hill 

Waiting To See Sunrise From Poon Hill

Trekking To Ghandruk

Annapurna South and Hiuchuli View From TadaPani

Mount Fishtail View From Ghandruk

View of Annapurna Range

Viewing Annapurna Massif from The Tibet Section Lamjung Himal (6983 m), Annapurna II (7937 m),  Annapurna III (7555 m),  Annapurna IV ...