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Friday, September 1, 2017

Kamakura's Seashore

Kamakura's Seashore

The sea faces the Kamakura City, best coastal area for leisure and Sightseeing. Kamakura beach has been opening over 120 years with its 3 coasts Koshigoe, Yuigahama and Zaimokuza. The beach open during summer season, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Zaimokuza Beach, the longest shoreline of three beaches along with many seaside houses. One can enjoy the Wakae Island on the east side when there is low tide. A traveler can go by train or car, train from Kamakura Station of JR Yokosuka line and Enoden, by car from Asahina IC of Yokohama Yokosuka Rd.
Yuigahama Beach
It is near from Enoden train station and busiest beach in summer vacation. One can access by train and car, Kamakura Station JR Yokosuka line or Enoden and Asahina IC of Yokohama Yokosuka Rd from car respectively.
Koshigoe Beach
Beach offers us to buy fresh seafood many local stores. One can enjoy fishing here. By train 3 minute walk from Enoden Koshigoe Station and By car from Asahina IC of Yokohama Yokosuka Rd.
Important rules for beaches lover by Kamakura's seashore

Blue flag- open for swimming
Yellow flag-Swim with caution
Red flag-Swimming Prohibited
*Take your trash to your home
*Sudden changes in wave heights and the tide so be attentive
*Label children's swimsuits with their names and keep eye on them
*No center to water early in the morning after sundown or alcoholic

Inside Yoyogikamizonocho of Japan

Yoyogikamizonocho of Japan

Japan's most popular spot you should not miss when you are there. Meiji-jingu Shrine attracts many visitors, a first shrine to visit in New Year Celebrations in Japan. Meiji-jingu Shrine was founded in 1920, surrounded by a lush forest. The forest covers more than 170,000 trees of 245 species.
In the New year, overflow of people express gratitude for blessings and wishing for good luck a head. Even the shrine ground envelope in silence other time. The Hatsumdoe first shrine to visit between midnight on New Year's Day.

It lies in Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo and one can access from JR Harajuku Station/ Yoyogi Station, Odakyu Line Sangubashi Station, Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingumae 'Harajuku' Station/ Kita-sando Station, Toei subway Yoyogi Station. During December 31 visitors are allowed to enter even night.

Photo By Rekh Gurung

View of Annapurna Range

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