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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hunting Bidding In Nepal

Wild boar

Wild boar knows by wild swine/ Eurasian wild pig.Up to now, 16 species of wild boar is recorded. The wild boar found here is black compared to others wild boar  and head is large with pointed, ears are smaller and pointed


Muntjac (genus Muntiacus) commonly know by barking deer or Mastreani deer. It is found in India, Nepal, Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesian, Bhutan. Now up to 12 species of Muntjac is recorded.

Himalayan Tahr

Himalayan Tahr (Hemitragus Jemlahicus) know by Tahr, found in Nepal, south Tibet, North India.

Body Length: 90-140 cm / 3-4.7 ft.
Shoulder Height: 65-100 cm / 2.1-3.3 ft.
Tail Length: 9-12 cm / 3.6-4.8 in.
Weight: 36-90 kg / 79-189 lb.

Himalayan Bluesheep

Himalayan Bluesheep found in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet and Pakistan. It is known by Naur, Bharal, Bluesheep or (Pseudois nayaur) and a different name is given to it.

Body Length: 115-165 cm / 3.8-5.5 ft.
Shoulder Height: 75-90 cm / 2.5-3 ft.
Tail Length: 10-20 cm / 4-8 in.
Weight: 35-75 kg / 77-165 lb.

View of Annapurna Range

Viewing Annapurna Massif from The Tibet Section Lamjung Himal (6983 m), Annapurna II (7937 m),  Annapurna III (7555 m),  Annapurna IV ...