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Monday, September 11, 2017

Photos of last day: Indra Jatra

 Ganesh Ji

Man in character form

Lakhey Eyes on you

 Chariot procession

Living Goddess Kumari

Chariot of Goddess Kumari

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What Can you observe in Indra Jatra

Indra Jatra festival commences after the Linga is erected in Kathmandu Durbar Square. Want to shout with locals or see the how locals and other erect the linga. Too much crowd and noise of people

Exhibition at Indra Jatra
See the Sweta Bhairav, which is open for only in Indra Jatra
Masks of Bhairav
Indraraj Dyah
Chariot Procession of Kumari
procession of the goddess Da
Baka Bhairava at Wotugin
See Akash Bhairava at Indra Chok
Statue of Indra with his hands bound at Maru

Dances at Indra Jatra
Majipa Lakhe dancer
Sawa Bhakku
Pulu Kisi (elephant) dance
Devi Pykhan
Māhākāli Pykhan
Bhalu dance

View of Annapurna Range

Viewing Annapurna Massif from The Tibet Section Lamjung Himal (6983 m), Annapurna II (7937 m),  Annapurna III (7555 m),  Annapurna IV ...