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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Four Hours Evening Wander around Pashupatinath

If you are in Kathmandu do not know what to do in evening, you are evening peace lover and looking for cool place to sit see the locals, religion rituals going on: Pashupatinath is the best option for you. Many travel agent only operates day trip for 2/3 hours even the travel blogger did not mention it.  Pashupatinath the center of Hindus devotees from all over the world and temple has religious importance for Nepalese as well. In front of the temple, you can see the cremation going on.
But the evening aarti takes place and can see lots of people enjoying the religious songs, stories have added more beauty while you are sitting even though you did not understand the story. Even the water is polluted do not worry about it, seeing the local chaos brings more silent in you. Grab a seat and you do not want to put your legs into action.
sitting opposite site of the Pashupatinath temple, grabbing a closing view of local activities for the day, air that touches gently to your body while you are sitting, taking some shots from the camera, see the local visitors chanting with each other. I hope it brings you a nice feeling and relaxes though.
The best part of being here is sitting at the opposite side of the temple and keep the mouth shut, feeling the silent evening talk by Pashupati Temple. spontaneous feeling and tranquilize your thought while sitting at the bench of the temple
evening nice view with our local communities
light added more beauty to a temple and its surrounding
sitting at the steps of the temple
take shots for capturing your memories

All you need to do after all your day adventure grabs a car and go there around 5 PM. It is better to take a reserved car or tourist vehicle so that you can easily come to your destination at 9 PM.
 Don't miss the

Friday, October 27, 2017

Inside Phullahari Monastery

Taking its position in northside foothills of Boudhnath which was opened in 1992. In 1992 November 16 the 3rd Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche body was brought to Pullahari from Rumtek Monastery after dissolved his mind into a sphere of Dharmakaya.
The 3rd Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche in 1986 accepted a land offer from third Dilyak Dabzang Rinpoche (1929 – 1992) and agreed to established a 3-year Mahamudra retreat center as promised. Name this as "Pullahari" after lord Naropa’s monastery in Bihar. He also made a decision to relocated Rigpe Dorje Institute project to Pullahari from Sarnath, India.

One day Hiking Boudha to Kapan Gompa

If you want to walk-a-way from hassle and bustle of a city, want to see the Buddhist culture. The best option we would like to suggest you, half-day hike to Kapan Gompa. Walking way with your Kathmandu city, then take a local transportation to Boudha. Before reaching Boudha ask your driver or conductor to drop you in Pasang Lamu State and then your hiking begins. As you start your hiking and you will still able to see the local buses are passing along with you. Note that you can take a car to Kapan Gompa or other means of transportation.
Take a left route and passing along with local people. Slightly down with big trees and take right road go along with it.
9 am take a local bus, not more than 35 minutes but the road may on a busy traffic
10 am start hiking from Pasang Lamau Sherpa
Take a break if you like.
11 am at the hills other Gompa. stay here for an hour and break
12 am starting hiking to Next Gompa
30 minutes to reach next gompa
14 pm almost finish our hiking and start hiking to Bus station near from here.
Because of Bus may not available so must wait here.
By Bus, you can go up to the Buddha and stay here for couple of hours
16 pm back to Kathmandu

What do you need?
Hiking shoes
Some warm clothes while hiking in Winter, if summer no need but casual is ok anytime
Bottle of water and some snacks or dry food but remember that do not eat inside the Gompa.
In rainy season is not the best time to hike, the condition of the road is too muddy difficult to walk and hiking in hills then do not forget to bring an umbrella or waterproof clothing.


If you like to do small round tour in Kapan, Buddha and Pashupatinath Temple  a full day adventure

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Biking in Prithivi and Mahendra Highway

The biking route to the Terai by the Prithvi route to Mugling and so south from there to Narayangadh, that is barely a brief hop from Chitwan National Park. It will get significant traffic, however, is usually downhill and you'll pedal it in an exceedingly day.
An additional strenuous route follows the winding, scenic Siddhartha highway southward to Butwal, via Tansen. This ride needs some long stints within the saddle and several other long stops. It’s a quick downhill ride from Tansen to Butwal, and from there it’s a flat and straightforward some of hours to the Buddha’s birthplace, Lumbini. A good additional adventure choice would be to go west of Pokhara to Baglung, and from there follow the switchbacking Tamghas route south – either iteration spherical south eastwards via Ridi Bazaar to Tansen (it’s 80km from Tamghas to Tansen via Ridi), or continued south and west from Tamghas via Sandhikarka, on 90km of rough roads, connexion the Mahendra route at Gorusinge, 48 km west of Butwal (and some 10km north of the Buddhist site of Kapilvastu). West of Butwal, the Mahendra route leads through a fine looking dun depression towards the comparatively undeveloped so much west, the traffic lightening as you go.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What Can you observe in Indra Jatra

Indra Jatra festival commences after the Linga is erected in Kathmandu Durbar Square. Want to shout with locals or see the how locals and other erect the linga. Too much crowd and noise of people

Exhibition at Indra Jatra
See the Sweta Bhairav, which is open for only in Indra Jatra
Masks of Bhairav
Indraraj Dyah
Chariot Procession of Kumari
procession of the goddess Da
Baka Bhairava at Wotugin
See Akash Bhairava at Indra Chok
Statue of Indra with his hands bound at Maru

Dances at Indra Jatra
Majipa Lakhe dancer
Sawa Bhakku
Pulu Kisi (elephant) dance
Devi Pykhan
Māhākāli Pykhan
Bhalu dance

Indra Jatra of Nepal

Indra Jatra also known by Yenya in Nepal Bhasa, the biggest festival in Kathmandu Valley. Ye and Nya mean 'Kathmandu' and 'celebration inside Valley' respectively. Indra Jatra celebration consists of two events; a dance of deities and demons, display scared images and tableaus 'Mask of Sweta Bhairava' in the honor of Lord Indra. The other event, Kumari Jatra, the chariot procession of Living Goddess.
The main center of the festival is in Kathmandu Durbar Square, remembered for death one. This carnival goes from 8th days.
The King Gunakamadeva started the festival in the 10th century, commemorate the founding of Kathmandu valley and Kumari Jatra in mid 18th century.
The Festival is commenced with an erection of Yosin or Linga, Yosin Thanegu. A pole is made of tree obtained from Nala, dragged to Durbar square. 

What can you see
Masks of Sweta Bhairav
Indraraj Dyah
Kumari Chariot Procession

Majipa Lakhe dancer
Sawa Bhakku
Pulu Kisi (elephant) dance
Devi Pykhan
Māhākāli Pykhan
Bhalu Dance

Friday, September 1, 2017

Exploring the Evening in Monkey Temple

 Catching Up with Evening

Little Buddha Queuing 

Finding Togetherness 

Night Watch

Hiding View

 Fixing the evening with Monkey Temple

Lighting The Candle for Your Peace

 Let Be Free

 Ending your Day with Monkey Temple

 Wait For me

You are not alone

 See The Night Tune

 Do not lose your dream

 Buddha Eyes

Do not Want to Say Good Bye

Waiting to Find Shelter

 Helping Hands

 One touch

 I did it

 Do be sleepy

I am still awake

 Are you Alone?.. NO|

 Night Shining

I chose My Legs rather than Four wheels

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

4 hours evening tour at Pashupatinath

On the off chance that you are in Kathmandu don't recognize what to do after 4 PM, if you are dusk peace lovers and searching for a cool place to sit, see local people, religion customs going on: Pashupatinath is the best alternative for you. Many travel specialist just works day trip for 2/3 hours, even the travel blogger did not mention about it. Pashupatinath the focal point of Hindus fans from everywhere throughout the world and the Pashupatinath has religious significance for Nepalese too. Before the sanctuary, you can see the cremation going on.

Be that as it may, the Aarti is going on at evening and can see heaps of individuals getting a charge out of the religious melodies music, stories have included more magnificence while you are sitting despite the fact that you didn't comprehend the story. Indeed, even the water is dirtied don't think about it, seeing the locals' activities acquires quieter you. Grab a seat and you would prefer not to put your legs in action.
Sitting inverse site of the Pashupatinath, getting an end perspective of nearby exercises for the day, air that touches delicately to your body while you are sitting, taking a few shots from the camera, see the chanting with each other. I hope it presents to you a decent feeling and unwinds thought.
The best piece of being here is sitting at the inverse site of the Temple and keep the mouth close, feeling the noiseless night talk by Pashupati Temple. Spontaneous feeling and tranquilize your idea while sitting at the beach

Sitting here at evening will bring Spontaneous feeling in you

Hiding View of Main temple from opposite sites

Evening Pooja By the Pundit

Dusk View from Bench and Take 

 sitting at the inverse site of the Temple and see the Dusk View

feeling the noiseless night talk by Pashupati Temple. 


                                                          Pujari waiting for Customers

Man seeing at others while taking rest

You can See Sculpture like this easily

View of Annapurna Range

Viewing Annapurna Massif from The Tibet Section Lamjung Himal (6983 m), Annapurna II (7937 m),  Annapurna III (7555 m),  Annapurna IV ...