Upper Mustang Tramping

Formerly Kingdom of Lo, Upper Mustang was a restricted demilitarized area till 1992. The local speaks Tibetic languages and well preserved of Tibetan Culture from the outside world. Upper Mustang limited is an area by two third of Mustang District. The home land of Thakali, speaking Thakali Language. Since 1992 foreign travel have been given allowed in the region. The foreigns have to pay US$ 500 per entry fee and extra US$ after 1 week. The travel uses the same route used in 1200 years ago. August and October are the peak visiting season, best for who want to see the Buddhist Culture, an alternate way to feel the Tibetan Culture. The Tiji Festival in Lo-Manthang is another popular culture tourist love so much. The Jomsom airport is the entry point for tourist Westerner, a Swiss explorer, and geologist who was the first to a visitor from outside world Toni Hagen in 1952. Michel Peissel first Westerner traveler stayed in Lo Manthang in 1964.

Over View

Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu (1340m)
Day 2 Kathmandu to Pokhara (900m)
Day 3 Pokhara to Jomsom trek to Kagbeni (2810m)
Day 4 Kagbeni to Chhusan to Chele (3050m)
Day 5 Chele to Syanbochen (3800m)
Day 6 Syanbochen to Ghaymi (3765m)
Day 7 Ghaymi to Charang (3560m)
Day 8 Charang to Lomantang (3700m)
Day 9 Lomantang
Day 10 Lomantang to Drakmar (3810m)
Day 11 Drakmar to Ghiling (3570m)
Day 12 Ghilin to Chhuksang (3050m)
Day 13 Chhuksang to Jomsom (2713m)
Day 14 Jomsom to Pokhara (900m)
Day 15 Pokhara to Kathmandu (1340m)

Detail Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu (1340m)
Arrive at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu, Nepal. The bowl-shaped Kathmandu Valley of Central Nepal and covering area 49.45 km2. The valley is surrounded by four major hills; Shivapuri, Phulchoki, Nagarjun, and Chandragiri. style="text-align: justify;"
Day 2 Kathmandu-Pokhara (7 hours drive)
Today our trip to Pokhara by tourist vehicle (By plane). Pokhara is one of the famous cities in Nepal for travelers. The Pokhara city located 200km west of the capital Kathmandu, despite being a comparatively smaller valley than Kathmandu it is geography varies dramatically within just a few kilometers from north to south.
Day 3 Pokhara to Jomsom to Kagbeni (25 flight and 2 hours trek)
Our team will fly to Northwest from Pokhara toward the great portal between the snows covered peak of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. We can see massifs of more than 8000 meters of mountains and the deepest gorge on this planet. We can also meet the rest of our team in Jomsom. Our trek to Kagbeni
-Jomsom to Kagbeni (2810m)
Day 4 Kabgeni to Chele
Before we start our trek our team member will do official formalities-showing our restricted area trekking permit in Kagbeni. Heavy winds get up, blowing dust and sand around. After Kagbeni, the trail climbs up we can see the Nilgiri glowing orange in the first rays of the sun, good view of the village, the village and can experience flat, dry, desert-like land. The scenery is amazing and characteristic of Mustang with red sandstone pillars, rock formations with fantastic forms and colors, formed by thousands of years of erosion. Our next station, Tangbe village, it has red and white washed houses, on the other side of the river glance of caves perched high on a vertical wall and believed as habitation in previous times. Chele, which is small town with good views towards the Himalayan ranges and our accommodation is set here,
*Kagbeni to Tangbe (3060m)
*Tangbe to Chhusang (2980m)
*Chhusang to Chele-4.07km
Day 5 Chele to Syanbochen (3475m/11398ft)
Chele to Syanbochen, 6-7 hours trek, begin our trek and reach to Ekle Bhatti. Our trek with a steep climb and cross Taklam La Pass (3624m/11923ft) through plateaus, narrow stretches with a view of Tilicho Peak, Yakawa Kang, and Damodar Dnada. Descending to small village Sama, passing along with cool streams, juniper trees, and Rangchyung Choten cave. Two famous Buddhist teachers, Padmasambhava and Atisha mediated and stayed in this cave centuries ago. The further trail leads to green bushes and trees, high vertical walls. As we trek further we can glance walls built in front of caves which are temporary homes of the herders who graze animals. The path cross along with small green forest and green bushes which are able to survive in the narrow gorge because the high vertical walls keep them cool and maintain sufficient moist. The valley broadens, we can view walls built in front of caves. Sometimes it is possible to see the rare blue mountain sheep in this area. Our overnight at Syanbochen.
*Chele to Syanbochen 6.88 km
*Chele to Taklam La (3624m)
*Taklam La to Dajori La (3735m)
*Dajori La to Samar (3660m)
*Samar to Syangboche (3800m)
Day 6 Syanbochen to Ghaymi
Our trek leads us to high passes and along with distinctive red Chorten painted with Buddhism's eight auspicious symbols. A terraced valley with yellowish trees appears and the village of Ghelulng two red Gompas. Ghelung is spread out wide on a patch of green grass and gives the impression of being a fairly affluent little community. The above the village barren, brown hills and we can see the Nyi La pass straight a head. The path descends gradually towards the Ghami La pass. The trail through rugged, view of enormous sand dunes. The broad valley comes in and in the center is Ghami. Mustang's third largest town, it is higher above the river and surrounded by fields.
Syanbochen to Ghaymi-11.91 km
*Syangboche to Ghiling (3570m)
*Ghiling to Nyila La (4010m)
*Nyila La to Ghami (3765m)
Day 7 Ghaymi to Charang (3560m/11480ft) 4-5 hours
We trek pleasant walk after crossing Ghaymi Khola, the trails climb to plateau and pass very long Mani wall. It is a sacred stone which is all made by the followers Buddhism. After the end of the wall, the trail heads east to the village of Charang. In the way we can view a maze fields, willow trees and houses separated by stone walls at the top of the Tsarang and can see huge white dzong, red Gompa. Charang and Tsarang same
Ghyami to Charang 10.57 km
*Ghami to Chinggel La (3870m)
*Chinggel to Charang (3560m)
Day 8 Charang to Lomantang (3700m/12136ft)
After leaving Charang, the trails climbs steadily until Lo-Gekar. Lo-Gekar Gompa is older than Samye Gompa in Tibet and oldest Gompa of Nepal. The route offers us a magnificent view of Nilgiri, Tilicho, Annapurna I and Bhirkuti Peak and traditional villages. The trail continues with some minor climbing. Finally, from the ridge, there is a view of the walled city of Lo. After a short descent, cross a stream then climb up into the plateau of Lo-Manthang.
Charang to Lomantang: 12.31 km
*Charang to Sungda Chorten ( 3720m)
*Sungda to Lo La (3950m)
*Lo La to LoManthang (3810m)
Day 9 Lomantang and city tour
Lo-manthang is one of the oldest traditional places in Nepal and also called the Wall City. A popular destination for Tourists. One can experience a Buddhist culture. We can also visit other villages on our excursion day. Explore the fine stupas, decorative art and paintings various forms of the Buddha, often with disciples, supplicants, and attendants, with some mural paintings showing sub-tropical themes containing palm trees, billowing Indian textile, flora, and fauna
Day 10 Lomantang to Drakmar (3810m/12500ft)
After your one day excursion in Lomantang, we are ready to hike back to Drakmar. We will take the 1200 years old trekking route, Gyakar to Drakmar. Ghar Gompa with Guru Rinpoche as the primary figure. This Gompa is also famous for its rock paintings. It is believed that anyone who makes one wish at the Ghar Gompa, their wish is fulfilled. High dusty wind in the day time so, it is better to walk in the morning. Lo-manthang to Drakmar 13.97 km
*Lo-Manthang to Panga ( Samduling) 4090m
*Panga to Ghar Gumba 3950m
*Ghar Gumpa to Mui La (4170m)
*Mui La to Dhakmar (3820m)
Day 11 Drakmar to Ghiling (3806m/1248ft) 5-6 hours
The trek to Ghiling the route we used for past days. As you know the condition of the route but it is better to start our trek early morning and after the noon because of dusty wind in the day time, difficult to walk. Drakmar to Ghiling 8.84 km
Day 12 Ghiling to Chhuksang (3050m/10004ft) 5 hours
We are a trek back to Chhuksang for our overnight and stay at tea houses. As you Know the route and the view you can see while heading up to Lo manthang.
Ghiling to Chhuksang- 12km
Day 13 Chhuksang to Jomsom (2713m/8856ft) 6-7 hours
Our last day trek, the trail leads to Jhatkot, Jhatkot we can visit many attractions such as the Jharkot monastery, Tibetan herbal medical center and the old fortress of Jharkot which once served as a palace. The trials join the normal Annapurna Circuit trek and to the Jomsom. Chhuksang to Jomsom-17.10km
Day 14 Jomsom to Pokhara (900m)
Take a flight to Pokhara, morning fly 25 minutes from Jomsom. Today let explore the beautiful valley Pokhara. What you can do in Pokhara
Day 15 Pokhara to Kathmandu
Our journey starts to Kathmandu by Bus, after 6-7 hours. You know how is the condition of the road of Nepal. The second last in Kathmandu, dinner with us and share your best experience with our team member
Day 16 Departure
Good bye to Nepal, your last day at Kathmandu. Our team member will till gate of airport. Thank you for joining our team and feel the adventure. Best of luck for your next adventure.


At least two persons
Permit and TIMS Permit US$500 per person
ACAP US$20 per person
TIMS US$10 per person
Immigration officer US$10
Hotel rate in Kathmandu
US$40 twin per stay
Hotel in Pokhara US$37 twin per stay
Transportation Pkr-Jomsom-Pkr US$ 110 per person
Pkr -Jomsom -Pkr for Guide US$60
Airport Tax US$2
Airport Pick up US$7 by Car in day ktm
Airport Pick Up US$ 7 by car in day Ktm
Pokhara Airport per Pickup US$5
Pokhara Airport per Drop US$5
Cost of Trekking
Guide Cost US$25 no tips include
Porter COst US$17 no tips includes
upper mustang Expenses per day per person: accommodation +lunch+ Tea breaks (cookies), no include of hot water



who is the Upper Mustang Trek What do I need?
Can I trek alone? How difficult it is? Best Time to Trek? What I Can see there? Which is the busiest time or month? Is there tea Houses or Camping? What Gear/Clothes/Equipment?

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