Organization in England: Working for Tourism

Natural England

Natural England is a non-departmental public body in the UK under the Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs. It is responsible for ensuring that all flora and fauna, freshwater and marine environments, geology and soils, in sum-up overall environment of England’s natural Environment.

Countryside Council for wales

The Country Council for wales is a Welsh government sponsored body until 31 March 2013. It merged with Forestry Commission Wales, and Environment Agency Wales and form Natural Resources Wales. It manages Wale’s environment and natural resources.
Scottish Natural Heritage

The Scottish Natural Heritage is responsible for the country’s natural heritage. It provides suggestion for the Scottish Government and function as government agent.

The Ramblers

The Ramblers’ Association also known as the Ramblers; which works for the rights of walkers in the Great Britain. It represents the interests of ramblers.

British Mountaineering Council

The British Mountaineering Council is national Body for England and Wales that protect the rights of climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers. This organization was originally formed in 1944 to represent the interest of climbing clubs and providing services for equipment advice, guidebooks, maps, safety skills, competition climbing, conservation.

Mountaineering Scotland (Mountaineering council of Scotland)

Mountaineering Scotland is national representative body for mountaineering in Scotland. It looks for the freedoms and promote the interest of climbers, hill-walking and mountaineers. It was established in 1970 by the Association of Scottish climbing clubs.

Long Distance Walkers Association

The Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) is a British association whose aim is “to enhance the common interests of those who enjoy Long Distance Walking”. LDWA mentioned that over 20 miles walk is long distance walk.

Youth Hostels Association

The Youth Hostels Association is a charitable organization providing accommodation in England and wales. Youth Hostel is also the member of the Hosteling International federation.

Scottish Youth Hostels Association

The Scottish Youth Hostels Association is not profit making business that provides accommodation in Scotland. It was formed in 1931 and also the part of hosteling international federation.

Mountain Bothies Association

The Mountain Bothies Association is a Scottish Charity. It looks after shelters of the remote parts of the UK. It was founded in 1965 by Bernard Heath.

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