Manaslu Circuit Trekking

Manaslu Circuit Trek destination to hike in Nepal of Himalayas, because of it high altitude pass, Tibetan influenced culture, peaks over 6500 m and world 8th highest peak. The credit goes to James Owen Merion Roberts and H.W. Tilman. After opening for trekking since 1991, it has attracted many hikers all over the world. The Manaslu Circuit Trek under the Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) and National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC). The two best seasons for Trekker is October to November and April to May.

Maximum elevation: Number of days for Trip: Number of days for Trekking: Trip Highlight: Best Season:
Day 1Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 2Kathmandu Overstay
Day 3 Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar
Day 4 Arughat Bazar Bazar to Khorlabesi
Day 4 Khorlabesi to Jagat
Day 5 Jagat to Nyak 6 hours
Day 6 Nyak to Ghap 5 hours
Day 7 Ghap to Lho 4.5 hours
Day 8 Lho to Samdo 6 hours
Day 9 Samdo to Dharmashala (Larke Phedi)
Day 10 Dharmashala to Larche(7 hours) via Larke La
Day 11 Larche to Hampuk 4 hours
Day 12 Hampuk to Tilije 4.5 hours
Day 13 Tilije to Chyamche 5 hours
Day 14 Chyamche to Bahundanda 5 hours
Day 15 Bahundanda to Dumre 6 hours
Day 16 Dumre to Kathmandu 4.5 hours drive

Detail Itinerary

Arrival in Kathmandu
Arrival in Kathmandu will be your first adventure, landing in only one International Airport of Nepal- Tribhuvan. Our team will help you to transfer to hotel and get a refresh. Consult with our guide for more planning what you want to wander in street of Kathmandu. Kathmandu the City of the temple, the biggest city of Nepal and gateway to every part of Nepal for travelers. If you want to explore more about the Kathmandu in evening
Kathmandu Overstay
As you the Kathmandu is the biggest city of Nepal an altitude of 1340m from sea level. Our city excursion with our guide visiting world heritage sites of Nepal: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swyambhunath Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath Temple and Boudha. Meanwhile, our team will arrange open-closed permits and TIMS.

Day 1 Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar
Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar long drives by tourist vehicle. Our journey started at the 7 am with our crew members. It takes us 4 hours to reach Gorkha and our lunch on the way. We are ready to drive for 3 hours next destination, Arughat Bazaar. Arughat Bazar is market town lies on sides of the Buddhi Gandaki. To reach Arughat Bazar; first option from Gorkha bazar and road from Dhading.
-Kathmandu to Abu Kaireni (360m) 4 hours drive
-Abu Kaireni to Gorkha (1060m) 1 hours drive
-Gorkha to Arughat Bazar (608m) 3 hours drive

Day 2 Arughat Bazar Bazar to Khorlabesi
Today you will experience both motor journey and trekking; our tourist vehicle transfer to Soti Khola within 2 hours drive and our trekking start from Soti Khola. Our crew will take tea house break at Soti Khola. Trekking to Kharlabesi, drive to Soti Khola (730m) for 1 hours, the dirt road along with scenery of rice fields, waterfalls, villages on the way. One can trek to Soti Khola, it takes around 2.30 hours. After Soti Khola, tea break and start our trek to Lapubesi. The trail is bit narrow, rough and trial takes you up and down. The Lapubeshi is small village can offer us nice accommodation. Lapubeshi to Machha Khola, crossing small villages, suspension bridges and villages built on the slopes of the hills. The villages offer us a medical clinic for a basic medical checkup. Afte leaving the Machhakhola, the trial is as usual and takes us to Kharlabesi. Our overnight at Kharlabeshi, offers us nice accommodation.
-Arughat Bazar to Arkhet Bazar (620m) 1.5 hours
-Arkhet Bazar to Soti Khola (700m) 1.75 hours
-Soti Khola to Lapubesi (884m) 2 hours
-Lapubeshi to Machhakholagaon (930m) 1.25 hours
-Machhakholagoan to Kharlabesi (970m) 1.25 hours

Day 3 Khorlabesi to Jagat
As we take our breakfast, ready for a ramble to Jagat. Our team will slowly hike to Tatopani. The route is bit narrow, it is between Budhi Gandaki and a tremendous Cliff. Leaving Tatopani, further bushwalking to Dobhan, Dovhan is a small village one of the best options for accommodation. The path further takes us to Shyaule Bhatti which has a small tea house and ascends up to Yaru Phant. Gently walking to next final destination Jagat. In Jagat village, you can find MCAP office. Our overnight at Jagat.
-Khorlabesi to Tatopani (990m) 1 hours
-Tatopani to Dobhan (1070m) 0.75 hours
-Dobhan to Yaru Phant (1170m) 2.25 hours
-Yaru Phant to Jagat (1340m) 1.75 hours

Day 4 Jagat to Nyak 6 hours
Jagat to Salleri next point, the path is taken to small village offers us lodges and tea houses. After our tea break takes to Sirdibas, along with nice stone houses and slate roofs. Passing the water operated mills in the Sirdibas of Ghate Khola. Here, our next check post of Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) and permits. Crossing the suspension bridges and climb to Philim. The route along with waterfall river and natural views, crossing the Chiso Pani and reach to Ekle Bhatti. Ekle Bhatti is small village offers nice accommodation. This is a way to Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek, we know what we are here for. Our team continues our trek to Nyak crossing the bridge of Budi Gandak. Our accommodation at Nyak. -Jagat to Salleri (1353m) 0.5 hours
-Salleri to Sirdibas (1420m) 1 hours
-Sirdibas to Philim (1510m) 1.25 hours
-Philim to Ekle Bhatt (1600m) 0.75 hours
-Ekle Bhatt to Nyak (2340m) 2.25 hours

Day 5 Nyak to Ghap 5 hours
Nyak to Deng, the trail along with Budi Gandaki: Deng located on the mountain slope and can offer us nice accommodation. The Trail leads us to small village Ranagaon, the gorge of Budhi Gandaki and after 1.5 hours of trek then reach to Bihi Phedi. One can explore the Neighboring Village Gompa stay one more day The trek to Prok, the route will ascend slightly up and up and pass with forest. Pork lies above the river and can glance wonderful traditional houses, fields, Gompa. can Excursion at the Kal Tal Our destination towards Ghap, passing with silent forest, lodges, campsites, wooden bridges and rivers and descend to Ghap. Our accommodation at the Ghap. -Nyak to Deng (1860m) 1.75 hours
-Deng to Ranagaon (1910m) 0.5 hours
-Ranagaon to Bihi Phedi (1990m) 1.5 hours
-Bihi Phedi to Prok (2380m) 1.5 hours
-Prok to Ghap (2160m) 1 hours
Day 6 Ghap to Lho 4.5 hours

After breakfast, we pass through small villages, forests, wooden bridges, and rivers. Namrung small village can provide nice accommodation. We can see Bhanzam, barley fields, and rich Lihi. Lihi is also a small village called Lihi, can visit Hinang Gompa and best point to view Himal Chuli range. The trek leads us Hinang Khola and reach to Lho, a small village. The villages lies on the slopes of a hill. It has large Gompa and views magnificent Mount Manalsu.
-Ghap to Namrung (2630m) 1.5 hours
-Namrung to Lihi (2910m) 1.75 hours
-Lihi to Sho (2880m) 0.75 hours
-Sho to Lho (3180m) 1.25 hours

Day 7 Lho to Samdo 6 hours
Lho to Samdo, trek to Shyala (3520m) with forest and can give you best view of mountain panorama with natural beauty. After crossing Shyalapass with slope and yaks grazing land. Sama Gaon is one of the best points to stay while trekking in Manaslu Region. It is nearest view point to see the Manaslu mountains. Trekking from Sama Gaon to Samdo pass along with Budi Gandaki. Budi the source of Budi Gandaki River and begins from here. Samdo, a tiny village staying below the Samdo Peak (6335m) with Samdo Glacier. Many itineraries overnight at Sama for acclimatization and enjoys the locals with a day trip to Manaslu Base Camp. If you stay one more day at here then do not forget to visit the Tibetan Border.
-Lho to Sama (3520m) 2.75 hours
-Sama to Samdo (3875m) 3.25 hours

Day 8 Samdo to Dharmashala (Larke Phedi)
Crossing the Athahra Saya Khola and passing the Larke Khola, ascending the to Lake Phedi (Dharmashala). Before crossing the high pass Larke La, trekkers often choose half day trek. So that they can gain more energetic for tomorrow adventure. Dharamshala offers you more touristic service at this high altitude.
-Samdo to Larke Bazar (4460m) 1.75 hours
-Larke Bazar to Dharmashala (5160m) 1.75 hours

Day 9 Dharmashala to Larche(7 hours) via Larke La
-Dharmashala to Larke La (5160m) 4.25 hours
-Larke La to Larche (4215m) 2.25 hours

Day 10 Larche to Hampuk 4 hours
-Larche to Tanbuche Kharka (3930m) 1 hours
-Tanbuche Kharka to Bimtang (3590m) 2 hours
-Bimtang to Hampuk (3430m) 1 hours
Day 11 Hampuk to Tilije 4.5 hours
-Hampuk to Yak Kharka (3020m) 1.5 hours
-Yak Kharka to Karche (2700m) 1.5 hours
-Karche to Goa (2515m) 1 hours
-Goa to Tilije (2300m) 1.5 hours

Day 12 Tilije to Chyamche 5 hours
-Tilije to Dharapani (1963m) 1.25 hours
-Dharapani to Tal (1700m) 2 hours
-Tal to Chyamche (1430m) 1.75 hours

Day 13 Chyamche to Bahundanda 5 hours
-Chyamche to Jagat (1300m) 2 hours
-Jagat to Syange (1100m) 1.25 hours
-Syange to Bahundanda (1310m) 1.5 hours

Day 14 Bahundanda to Dumre 6 hours
-Bahundanda to Nadi Bazar (930m) 2 hours
-Nadi Bazar to Bhulbhule (840m) 1 hours
-Bhulbhule to Besi Sahar (760m) 1 hours drive
-Beshi Sahar yo Dumre (400m) 2 hours drive

Day 15 Dumre to Kathmandu 4.5 hours drive


US$1320 for one person
Permit MCAP and ACAP US$20 person
TIMS US$10 per person
Kathmandu hotels US$ 40 for 4 star hotels Per night with B.B plan
Kathmandu site seen US$ 60
Kathmandu to Gorkha US$ 80 Gorkha to soti khola US$ 30
trekking US$ 25 per person per day
Guide in Trekking US$ 20 no tips include per day
Potter guide US$15 per day only at trekking no tips include

Can I do Manaslu Trek

Yes you can

Can I enjoy and what can I see

Almost everyone will enjoy the trek. It is for the person who is interested in culture, want a quite and fewer commercialisation treks. For who want to see the old trekking route of Annapurna Circuit as a golden age.

What official documents do I need for Manaslu Trek?

Open-closed area permit: US$ 50 per week

Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) permit Nrs 2000 (approx 20 euro or US$ 30)
Annapurna Conservation Area Project (MCAP) per person the US $ 20 and
Trekking Information Management TIMS US $10 past days no TIMS was needed but now compulsory But must be applied from a registered trekking agent. Better to apply from the help of Trekking agent
Can I trek alone?

You must trek in the group at least two and registered guide. But you can buy an extra permit for a "ghost trekkers" and then go along with their guide. So your passport from real foreign person
What is the Level of Trek?
Many people considered it as hard but as compare to 1950 at the Tilman's time, on longer extreme
Camping or tea houses?

Yes, you can do camping in the circuit trek but the route is more developed with operating 12 months tea houses. At the Larkya Phedi (Dharmsala) there is little lodge is available. Better for the local economy and cost effective for you, Tea houses are more local interaction, warmer, snugger You can get quite simple accommodation do not expect high. Bulldozers are using on the route, soon the trekking route may affect. Please tell us more after last visit

The busiest time of trekking?
October is the busy time to trek. Teeji Festival at Tsum Valley in spring
Can I do manual Ciciruit from Annapurna Circuit?
Yes, but you may not get proper acclimatization.

What gear/clothes/Equipment need on a trek

How busy the trekking route in comparison to other trekking routes

View of Annapurna Range

Viewing Annapurna Massif from The Tibet Section Lamjung Himal (6983 m), Annapurna II (7937 m),  Annapurna III (7555 m),  Annapurna IV ...